Our Products

All of our products are laser cut and engraved.


Our chipboard is locally purchased and made in the USA. It is medium weight 1/16″thick compressed cardboard or .06.

You may find a little bi-product from the manufacturing process on it when you receive it. We do everything we can to limit the amount but can not eliminate it all. Chipboard is a paper product and when the laser cuts it there is a little ash or soot left behind. Usually around the sides or outline of the image cut lines. Also when engraving there is sort of what appears to be dirt that can be easily wiped away. Many folks wipe the chipboard with baby wipes. I use a dry paper towel or a cotton rag to remove the ash or burn residue. You may also find burn marks left behind on the back of the image. We do our best to change our the grates we use to cut the images on but this burn or dirt doesn’t diminish the quality. Just wipe and gesso over. I also recommend using a base coat of gesso before altering with any inks, paints or stains. This way you will get true color of the medium you are using. If you do not use gesso you may get a muddy effect. If I use darker colors I don’t use gesso.


Wood Veneer

The wood veneer we use to cut our products is 1/8″ thick plywood.


Wood- Home Decor

We use 3/16″ thick birch wood.



  Our stencils are a high quality milky white  14mil thick mylar.


Rubber Stamps Unmounted-

 The rubber we use is grey and or green in color and is 1/8″thick. 

Flair buttons-

 Our flair buttons are 1″d and the supplies to assemble them are purchased from an American company.



The acrylic is 1/8″thick and we carry a variety of styles/ colors. We ship our product with the protective coating left on them which can be easily removed.