Hello my friendly CE fan! I hope you have been keeping cool. It’s warming up, isn’t it?! I’m keeping ahold of the quirky vibes. Haha! Today’s inspiration is something totally out there, left field if you will. Who would ever think to combine strawberry jam, skulls, and flowers? I mean, I didn’t even think of it until it happened. I actually laughed out loud after completing it. I’ll admit it’s definitely very different, but it’s kinda cute.

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Creativity Quote



Let’s journal together!


1. Begin by using glossy accents at the top of the page giving the drippings a shiny realistic look

Hint: I let the gloss dry overnight before moving forward

2. Alter your chipboard using some green acrylic paints

3. Now use some cardboard to pop up your paper elements

4. Start assembling with your chipboard quote at the top and the vines at the bottom

5. Then lay down each paper element one at a time

6. Next, layer some flowers at the bottom left side of the layout to embellish the vine cutouts

7. As a finishing touch, adhere the little red cabochons randomly throughout the layout

8. As a little cherry on top, add a butterfly at the bottom


Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed your time with me today!