It’s been a wild winter!
Based on what I’ve seen most of the US has had some crazy weather this winter and it’s been no different here. Even with the warmer than normal temps we’ve had we still have about 3ft of snow in our backyard & 4.5ish ft where we’ve had to pile it off the roof or along the driveway. We’ve even watched neighbors come with skid loaders or backhoes to haul off snow so they have enough room for the next dump we’re going to get.
So I thought it would be fun to look for some snow photos and I found these from a few years ago where we actually had spring weather for awhile before getting hit with this snow storm. My daughter had a blast running around and catching snowflakes with her sister in the driveway.



On this layout I started with the photos and papers and then found the snowflakes title in Snow Word set. Adding the letter stickers for spring made the perfect title.



Of course, living in this area I keep all kinds of snowflake embellishments around. This and the other beautiful chipboard snowflakes come from the Large Snowflake set.



I may have mentioned this before but I LOVE the acrylics!
These awesome Frosted Blue snowflakes might be my favorite? But I love the White acrylic snowflakes too, so I used both on this layout.



You can’t have a snow layout without a trusty snowman watching over it!
This cute guy is from the Snowmen set.

I missed grabbing a closeup of the flair button I used, but you can see it in the full size layout photo.
Bottom left, it says snowflakes on it and it’s from the Winter Flair set.

I admit, I’ve VERY ready for spring (& not looking forward to our coming snowstorm), but it was fun to throw around some snowflakes for this wintry spring layout.

Stay warm everyone!
Angela dt