Hello CE fans! I hope your holiday season is a memorable one thus far. I’m back this month with more wizardry inspiration. Since I have some amazing friends all over the world, I was able to get ahold of these Harry Potter-inspired papers. How could I NOT make an album, right?! If you don’t make albums often, let me tell you. Albums are A LOT of work especially if you are building the album yourself. This is exactly what I did. I created this album from the ground up. This took me about two weeks to complete. Mind you, I have a full-time job, two children, and a husband. Needless to say, my life is busy. I only have a few hours a day for creating. I hope this will inspire you. Please let me know what you think.
Product List
**Let’s get to work, shall we?!**
**Be warned, there is A LOT of prep work making albums from scratch**
**This process will take an unexperienced album maker up to a week or more to complete**
*Decide what size album you want to make. Then start by cutting and assembling it*
You will want chipboard and heavy cardstock for the album
All of the papers you see in my album are from two overseas companies
*Note: The main language on these papers is Spanish*
1. You’ll want to begin by laying down a nice layer of decoupage glue
*Hint: I suggest applying your rice paper in sections
2. While that dries, alter your chipboard pieces using embossing powders
3. To add some extra flair to the edges, adhere some gold Dresden trimming
4. Next, find some trimming you like to embellish the cover
*Hint: I used hot glue and tacky glue to adhere this
5. After that, adhere some sequins and enamel dots to further embellish the cover
6. Use black gesso and gold wax to alter your frame casting and adhere that
7. To finish the album, place your chosen chipboard cut-outs randomly throughout the album
**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!!**
**That was rewarding, wasn’t it?!**