Hello everyone!
If you read any of my posts last month you might recall that I really love Halloween. Well, today is my birthday so I made myself a birthday layout by scrapping another Halloween page! lol



I honestly think I may have grinned ear to ear the entire time I was making this layout. It was SO fun to make and I just love how my chipboard pieces turned out!



Up first are the tombstone from the Tombstones set & this fun zombie from the  Zombies set. I used a little bit of white ink on the hands and head of the zombie and all over the tombstone. Then I used black ink on a sponge to push and brush some black ink in areas on the zombie and around the edges of the tombstone. I finished the tombstone up with a black marker in the cracks and this awesome acrylic skull and bones.
As you can see I did a lot of distressing on this bottom piece of paper and then layered it over my background paper so I could have items coming out of the “ground”. Then I used red dylusions ink spray to drop blood spots and make them run down the paper and pool in areas.



For this awesome Zombie sign I used yellow gel crayon, a white ink pad over the zombie hand and then did the nails, hand crack, & the word zombie with red marker and the word infected with green marker.
The zombie hands were the big inspiration for this page. The thought of one of them coming out of the ground is what started this layout. I used a white marker and smashed color into the hands, then the black ink sponged around the edges and over the cuts, which I then went over with red marker. Having one of them come out from under the photo was the next step. As you can see I enjoyed making the photo creepy with a “bloody” matte and scratches and “blood” on the photo edges too.



But this piece ended up being my favorite!
I did the same thing on these Zombie hands as I did the others, white ink with black sponged ink and red marker in the cracks, but with the totally awesome detailed cut on these hands they just look so cool!
I used green gel crayon on the grass and then smudged some black ink over it to dirty it up a bit, the green was a bit too bright at first.
I used this fun drip border punch for under the piece and along the top of the layout.

I hope you enjoyed my birthday layout!
I really had fun making it.
Angela W. dt