Welcome back to another one of my steampunk projects. Today I decided to make a steampunk shaker tag. something I’ve been thinking about for a bit once I saw the new large shaker tags in the store. I always have gears laying around my table, so I decided to try and use some of them up.

Here is a short video of the creative process:


There is a lot of background painting to this project, I love painting it’s rather relaxing for me. I use my go to colours to get the rust effect of things. Quinn Gold, Burnt Umber and Transparent Yellow Oxide. I always top things off with a  bit of Cobalt Blue.  I use lots of water to dilute and blend.

Once I covered the background of the Large Shaker tag with anti paper from November of 1873. I add a thick layer of crackle glaze. Once the first coat was dry I added a second layer to it.

Now is when the painting begins, I had part of the Steampunk Clock Corner and the Steampunk Corner Frame, Gears 1 1/2 and Gears Set 4 all collected. I start with  blending the Quinn and Burnt Umber on each of the pieces. I then add the a little Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Once I get what I like, I top it off with a little splashes of Titan Buff. I add some shading and detail to the background of the tag as well.

Once everything is painted, I adhere the first two layers of the tag frame and then  I layer of the gears, frame and Corners. Once I get the background I like, I add all the fun stuff, microbeads, glad Glitter and Desert Sky Shimmerz from Buttons Galore and More.

Once I get the filling of the shaker tag done, I glue on the acetate frame and last tag boarder. Then its to use up the rest of the gears I painted. Adding them right to the top of the tag.

I hope you enjoy this project and try one of your own. they are very fun to make. Thank you for stopping by today.


Gears 1 1/2 inch

Gears Set 5

Steampunk Corner Frame

Steampunk Clock Cormer

Gears Set 4 

Large Shaker Tag

Mini Gears 3/4 ” 

Distress Crackle Stamp