Hello all I would love to share a little bit of mixed media today. I love old tools and just things old in general. I have a large number of rustic looking items in my house. I find things and alter them for more rustic, more grundgy or more industrial. All depending on the mood and the item.

There was a bit of rust already on this piece. But I knew I wanted to add more gears and metal pieces. I picked a gear from the gear album and then grabbed the next biggest set of gears from the store.
I layered the various sized gears and layer a little pipe work from the pipe works set.
I also used small 1 in he gears and dug out my stash of metal object to layer on top of the chipboard.
Using the Gears Corner piece, I cut it to fit the handle. And did a little more layering before the painting process began.

So painting was just a combo of my favourite rust paints. Quinn Gold, transparent yellow iron oxide, burnt umber. Topped off with a few layers of titan buff black and some cool alt blue to get the patina effect. Watch for my YouTube channel for the creative video in the next few days.

I hope you enjoy the project and watch for more altered rejects in the future. Thank you for stopping by.