Hello my crafty CE friend! Welcome baaaaaack! I’ve been feeling colorful this month. I just love these bright colors, they make me happy! I’ve decided to do something different and create my own checkered background. I wanted each piece to stand out on its own. I’m hoping to use these canvases in a much larger piece. So maybe one day you will see these again but in a much larger format. Just an FYI, I’m inspired by a psychedelic Alice in Wonderland theme.

**Let’s have some color fun, shall we?!**
1. You’ll want to begin by laying down a nice layer of black gesso over the entire canvas
2. While that dries, alter your chipboard pieces using impasto paints
3. After the gesso is completely dry, use some tape to create a background
*Hint: We want to create a checkered background
4. Now paint the entire surface white
5. Layer your smaller fleur de lis pieces one on top of the other
6. Once they are dry, paint the smaller pieces black
*Hint: You want the smaller pieces to stand out on their own
7. Remove all your tape carefully
8. Assemble your canvases
*Hint: I aligned mine using the corners as my placement points
9. Splatter black paint over the entire surface
*Hint: This gives the piece some extra contrast

**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!!**