Hello there my fellow CE friend! I hope your holiday season is starting off smoothly. It won’t be long now! Is everyone excited? My favorite part of the season is the extra free time I have with family. The happy faces warm my heart. I can’t think of a better time of year to make present-themed home decor, am I right?! I hadn’t really thought about it until this year. Plus, you all know me I prefer making my own decor anyways. The stores don’t typically have what I want. I’m weird that way. Hehe… I’m not ashamed either. So let’s get to making some presents!!
**Let’s make a present!**
1. Lay down some texture or lacey paper on canvas to create some background interest
2. Paint the surface using black gesso
3. Dry brush the entire surface with silver acrylic paint
4. Water down some red acrylic paint and splatter the surface for contrast
5. While that dries matte your paper embellishments, distress them, and add ribbon
6. Alter your Flourish Presents using red acrylic paint
7. Paint the frames the same way as the canvas
8. Make the canvas look like a present by adding a strip of sparkly red sticker paper
9. Begin your layering with the frames then alter between the tags and presents
10. Finish up with some festive quotes and rhinestones
**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!**
**I hope this inspires you to create what makes you happy and don’t forget to join us this month!**