Hello, all my fellow CE fans! I’m so glad to see you back today. We’re going to make some fun bookmarks accompanied by a beautiful card. I thought these colors were great for the end of the season. Everything is still lush and green in most parts of the world so I wanted to celebrate renewal. Mother Nature will soon show us some new colors.

**Let’s get our craft on!**

1. Begin by decided your paper designs and cut them to your desired size
2. Distress your paper edges using black ink
3. Matte your papers on some cardstock or thin cardboard
4. Alter your chipboard pieces using acrylic paints and wax
5. Now we can assemble! Begin by putting down the bottom layers of chipboard
6. Next, add some string (mine came with purchased flowers)
7. Add the final layer of chipboard pieces and then the flowers
8. Finally, add your paper embellishments, flair, and sticker quotes

**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!**

**I enjoyed making these with you today. Until next time, stay crafty.**