Hello, all my fellow CE fans! Independence Day! How can this day not be inspiring?! Today is the day where we can sit back, look out the window, look to the sky, look at your neighbor, and appreciate your life. It’s easy to get lost in the everyday motions of life and forget who we have to thank for our lives. Some people may find their live uneventful or boring, but don’t take it for granted. There are so many reasons to appreciate our lives. Things have been crazy with COVID, I know, but appreciate your life. So many people have lost so much. Appreciate the sacrifices of many, the sacrifices that continue to be made every single day of our lives. This is easy to forget.. but we mustn’t. We can’t make vain the sacrifices of many. We must remember, we must appreciate.

**Let’s get our celebration going!**

1. Begin by laying down a coat of red paint to the entire surface of the star
Hint: I used cheap red acrylic paint before laying down the metallic coat
2. While that dries, alter your Fireworks 2, Star and Stripes Banner chippies using blue and gold paints
3. Distress the edges of the star using the same gold paint as on the chipboard pieces
4. Now splatter the entire surface using silver acrylic paint
Hint: I cut the firework pieces in half
5. Add all your chipboard, aligning the firework pieces
6. Finally lay down your tiny metal stars

**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!**

**I hope you enjoyed your time with me today! Happy Independence Day! Stay Safe Y’all!!**