Welcome back to another post here made for Creative Embellishments. Tis the season of weddings and I have a number of them this summer. I was asked to make a shabby set, My friend Roberta gave me some guidelines and let me go from there. She usually gives me free range to do and play how I want.

Here is the video of the creative process:

After initially finding the paper collection I wanted to use, I started with some subtle stamping with the Distress Crackle Stamp and the Distress Moroccan Stamp. I just add the little extra effect and I enjoy how it pops through certain pastes. I never really know the look I will get.

Using a few different pastes, I add more fell to the project with the Quinfold Stencil and the Small Circles Stencil.

I added all my lovely die-cut embellishments along with some flowers and pearls and fit the “From This Moment” title on the inside.

I used the Flourish 28 in the clusters. I used a multi-textual embossing powder with bits of mica flakes to add to the feel and warmth of the card and tag.

On the back of the tag, I found some old song lyrics paper that evolved around love . I used a thick crackle glaze again and covered the back with Black antiquing cream. This doesn’t cure so I wipe it back off with a wet kitchen ¬†towel to get that dark aged look.

I thank you all for stopping by today. And enjoy the upcoming summer season with all that it has to come with it.



Distress Crackle Stamp

Distress Moroccan Stamp

Quartre Foil Stencil

Small Circles Stencil


From This Moment Title

Lucky in Love Title

Flourish 28