Hello everyone!! Welcome back to the blog! It’s still early in the month so I hope to inspire you in a different way with the mood board. I decided to stay within the theme a bit and use circles this time as a repetitive pattern. As you can see, pink is my color of choice this time with a bit of brown and gold to make that pink the star of the show! Not everything pink has to be pretty, floral, and girly. I really love the Home Decor section in the store. The possibilities are limitless!! Plus, you can never go wrong with gears, am I right?! I am beginning to find myself more and more as I craft along with you guys here. I have a feeling you might be picking up on it too.

***Let’s get our craft on!***
1. You will want to begin by laying down a layer of color onto your “12 x “12 canvas
*Hint: I mixed the lighter shade of my pink to create the background
2. While that dries begin altering all your castings and Large Gear Frame using acrylic paint and wax
Hint: I kept my clear. This gave them a glassy and dressier look. What do you think?
3. Alter your Windmill using brown paint and some gold wax
4. Use the same brown paint and splatter the entire surface
5. Distress the edges of the canvas using brown paint with a dauber sponge and gold paint
6. Lay down your windmill. Give it some time to set
7. Now let’s alter our airship using some brighter pinks! And a gold wax topper
8. Next step is to prop up your airship by using some cardboard from packaging materials
9. Now add your gear castings to your canvas randomly
10. Once the surface is dry, splatter it with some watered down bright pink paint
11. Lastly, for a finishing touch, add some glass glitter
Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!
Thank you for your time as always! Stay creative!