Hello, there are my fellow CE fans! Welcome back to the blog. Today I’d like to inspire you to go outside your comfort zone and create using color combinations unfamiliar to you. I stuck true to my style but went a different direction with color and design. My inspiration behind this piece is one that resides within us all. Fear of being oneself. This creation I made to inspire you to be YOU. It’s okay to be uncomfortable, it’s okay to try new things, it’s okay to be embarrassed. You are being YOU. If someone isn’t feeling you, well, that’s okay too. I encourage you now and always to get out of your head. Only your own self-doubt and worries reside there skewing your thoughts. Instead, unwind. I know it’s easier said than done, but if I can do it I know you can too.
1. Begin by laying down your wooden sticks using your favorite adhesive
2. Now lay down a nice layer of texture paste over the entire surface
2. While that dries, altered Steampunk Gear Wings using some acrylic paint
Hint: I gave my wings a distressed look, after the paint dried, by dry brushing on black gesso
3. Alter your resin pieces using black gesso, acrylic paints, and wax
4. After the texture is completely dry, distress the surface randomly
Hint: To create my background contrast, I used a bit of both black gesso and green acrylic paint
5. Once the surface is dry, splatter it with some watered down black gesso
6. First step to assembling your piece is adhering the chipboard wings
7. Lay down your frame casting
8. Using some cardboard prop up your Steam Queen casting and position her directly in the middle of the frame
9. Lastly, find some quotes you like and add them to the canvas
Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!
I hope you enjoyed your time and the tutorial with me today.