Hello everyone, I am back with another fun altered project. I was out on a walk the other day enjoying the sun. It was blitstery cold but the sun was shining bright and that was just enough for me. I am always looking for good finds on my walk. In the ditches, along the road side, anywhere. This day I found a rusted old brake pad. Ok, the DH says there is no pad left on this one, but I fell in love with the rust and didn’t really care, I just wanted to create.

This project I didn’t do a video, I just sat and painted, and relaxed. I needed a focal point and I had the large gear and the cover from the gear album. The gear album was the perfect size for the brake pad. I decided to glue it all on and then paint everything.

Once I glued on the gear album cover, I added large  gears and the small gear set around the base of the old handle.

Using the resist paste I painted everything white. I wanted to get the base bold where you could see the various layers of paint, like it had been sitting outside through the various seasons of the year.

Once I painted over the resist paste with various browns, rusts and yellows, I wipe away to get the peeled paint look. I stamp a background stamp on to add a little more texture before adding more layers of paints to get the patina look to the piece. I only had to alter the nob slightly because it looked great already.

I finished it off with a title and distressed that with a layer of paint. I added the rusty wire to have something to hang it on the wall.

I hope you enjoy the rusty break pad, thank you for stopping by and stay creative!


Gears Album


Gears 1″ 

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