I love all the variety of shakers that are in the store. I decided to have a bigger post today featuring some special shaker holiday cards. I made these for the girls at work. Each one made with love and personalised for each of them. I painted each one of these before assembling them all with the various layers and adding the bits and bobs.

I started with the Gnome Shaker card. Made for Laura, She loves gnomes so she is so easy to shop for.

I didn’t make a video for this one, I just stat and painted not thinking about the happenings of the world. I painted and layered.

The second card is the skunk shaker cared, my good friend Shannon has a pet skunk, Podrick, so cute and snuggle. He is so cute, So when the skunk shaker popped up in the store, I new I had to make one.

I made my favourite pama-llama the llama shaker, perfect, I added the threes and bits and bobs to make if festive. I added some background with the stars stencil.

I switched up the paper collection with the other two shakers, I went with a winters purple Northern Lights and added the unicorn Shaker for my good friend Sam. There’s a story behind the unicorns but She does collect them. I painted a simple main for the unicorn.

The last card is the snowflake shaker.. This one is perfect for the time of the season. I kept the same paper collection and added the fun matching bits to the snowflake after I assembled. A little bit of flowers and top it all off with some glitter and snow and how festive is that? Perfect.

I hope you enjoyed the close-ups!

Thank you for stopping by today!




Unicorn Shaker

Llama Shaker

Skunk Shaker

Snowflake Shaker

Gnome Shaker

Fancy Dust Stencil

Twinkle Star Stencil