Hello, there all my CE fans!! Welcome back to the Creative Embellishments blog. Today I have a fun and pretty layout to share with you. There is a funny back story with this one too. If you know me, you know I live in a house with boys so who is that cute little girl?! No matter where we went my youngest son was always thought to be a girl. Why?! Maybe it’s his bone structure.. He was pretty. Even to this day, if we dressed him as a girl no one would know the difference. So for his second Halloween, we decided to dress him up as a girl for his costume. Of course, NO ONE got it. Everyone just thought he was cute and pretty. We had to tell people that she was actually a HE. Then they were surprised and had a good laugh. This photograph brings back some fond and cute memories.
1. First, you will want to adhere your paper to a nice thick sheet of cardstock
2. While that is settling, start altering your chipboard pieces using some acrylic paints
I used:
3. Now splatter your paper with watered down orange paint
4. Adhere your photo to some plain tan cardstock paper
5. You can now begin to piece together your layout
6. Place your pumpkins, flourishes, and photo down first
7. For a little more contrast in the background splatter some brown acrylic paint to the entire surface
8. Once that dries, place your flowers near the pumpkins
9. Alter some leaf and flower molds using gesso and wax
10. To finish embellishing the page add the acrylic mold pieces randomly
Voila!! There you have a beautiful fond memory to display in your album or in a frame.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial with me today.
Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!