Hello my dear friends!!  It is so good to be with you today.  We got snow a couple of days ago and the temperatures have been dropping to below zero degrees at night, so Winter is definitely on it’s way or here.  I am in denial lol.  Well, here we are with the last 2 pages of our Sea World mini album.  We are up to the 6th and 7th grades for my oldest grandson Chase, and this year he is in the 6th grade.  His Mom and Dad chose to Home School him as our Covid Virus numbers have really sky rocketed this Fall as people migrate into and out of the State.  So, we probably won’t have actual 6th grade official school pictures, but we will definitely take portraits that will document this year.  Let’s get started by taking a look at the last 2 pages, and then I will share the inside cover.

On the cover of page 7’s section (6th grade) I used the  Steampunk Starfish which I painted in a wonderful melon colored acrylic paint, topped off with a metal washer and then a gear on top to allow for the twine to help keep the pages closed.  I had already used magnets, but when I added the Octopus on the backside of the top flap it covered the magnet so it could not connect.  I think the alternative turned out pretty good.

Under the top flap is one of my fave chipboard the Bee-U-TEE-FULL  Octopus .  I spent a wee bit of time making sure that I covered all those little suckers on his tentacles, which was tons of fun, as you can well imagine, but he is so well worth it.

In the middle section I created a large area for the main school photo which is is framed by the Steampunk Pipe Corner I just love all the detail in this frame, its shape.  I know that I have several in my stash.  I painted in a silver metallic.  I also added other gears which I painted a teal and coral colors to add some interest.

Not sure if you noticed the scrapbook paper has all the industrial designs and pipes that match the chipboard that I am using.  Once again this is the Stamperia collection, Sea World.  The bottom half of the page was created to look like it is an extension of the top.  To make that happen I used the Pipe Works chipboard set which is a a whole lot of pieces of pipe which you can use to make your own designs.  I chose to add it to the Steampunk Pipe Frame chipboard set, which comes with additional gears that I painted with teal and coral acrylic paint to continue the color pallette.   However, my favorite part is the cute little chipboard  Crab 

On to Page 8 and the 7th grade.  This is the last page in the album.  On the left side you will find the Nautical Compass which is the small one in a set of 2.  In the middle of the page is the chipboard that I have been using throughout the book that is the Grades or Awards chipboard.

Inside the left hand flap (under the compass) you can find the Steampunk Seahorses that I painted in two shades of coral and gold.

And, on the opposite flap which is under the flap of the octopus diver on the front is the Square Corner Collage  This is such a unique piece of chipboard and one that is not easy to remember its name.  I painted it in the same color as the seahorses.

Well, we have come to the end of our album and here is the back inside cover which I chose to use the Steampunk Octopus Frame I’m not sure which picture I will use yet.  I may just let Chase decide what he will want to use.  Look at all the detail of this chipboard!!!!  Just loved working with it.


Thank you for following me these past few weeks and hope you have enjoyed our journey and that you will try to use some of CE’s fun Steampunk Chipboard in your creations.  Until next time, here’s a Big Alaska Bear Hug!!!

Kathy Mosher