Hello there my fellow CE fans! Jess here today with an inspirational canvas. When I craft, I am in another world. With that being said, I was inspired by the doors to create this floral paradise. Once I chose my centerpiece, the design took off from there. This door opens up a whole new world of its own. I hope you will be inspired with me! I used a ton of chipboard pieces to create this “12x”12 canvas. 

Let’s get started, shall we?
1. You will want to begin by laying down a coat of heavy white gesso to your canvas
2. While that is drying, alter your Triptych door by painting it with brown acrylic paint
3. While that dries, alter your Tree Rings with embossing powder
4. Next, alter the Lamp Posts and mold frames with white gesso
5. Distress your acrylic mold letters, lamps and flowers
6. Now splatter the canvas with the same brown acrylic paint as used for the door
7. Distress the edges of the canvas with the same distress ink to bring it all together
8. Paint the Roses, Doorknob, and Key chipboard pieces with blue acrylic paint
9. Distress your frames and door using the wax
Hint: This gives them a richer metallic look to coincide with the other embellishments
10. The fun begins, start by laying down the door and propping it up with some cardboard
Hint: I placed the door in the opposite direction to make it seem as if you are coming into the world from the opposite side
11. Then place your frames directly in the middle of the door
12. Begin placing your chipboard rings and flowers randomly around the canvas
Hint: I cut some of my rings in half to place on the edges of the canvas
13. Put your light posts on either side of the canvas
14. Now place all your flowers, “Dream” letters, and butterflies
15. Lastly, place some sequins randomly throughout the canvas and add some dimensional dots
Hint: These last embellishments really make all the color elements come together
Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!

That was quite the tutorial! It took me quite some time to put this piece together. There was a lot of prep work, but as you can see it was well worth it! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial with me today.