Come along with me through the sea!!!  Glad you stopped by for another peek at my Sea World album using the Stamperia “Sea World” paper collection and our very own steampunk chipboard which coordinates so well.  So, I haven’t decided and neither have the grandsons on who will get this album first so we have left the inscription blank on the inside cover, but here is a quick peek of how it turned out.

I pushed the colors to the bright side so that you can see all the details of this fun, fantasy collection and on to page one.

Page one is simple on the surface, but very intricate underneath.  You have to lift the little diver’s helmet tag (No, I did not forget to place a magnet, I love this feature).  This one is super strong (it should be I had to change out the little tag for the large one and add another magnet for all the stuff that is hidden underneath.).  The black piece of cardstock on the top left is a placeholder to tell the story of the page or the journey of the inside of the pages.  I think we will be using this book for school pictures, so this one could say something about Kindergarten.   I have put cardstock placeholders through the album as suggestions for picture placement or journaling.  I had to in order to get an idea for embellishing the album.

Here is what the page looks like fully opened with all the flips and pockets exposed.

Moving from left to right, we will be starting under the left side of page 1.  This is a narrow page, but just a perfect size to hold at least 2 wallet size photos.  I have put the black cardstock in place for you to see.  When the pictures are in place I want to use brads in the corners that looks like bolts, screws or nuts, anything mechanical.

Moving to the right is the middle of page one and is a very large pocket.  I have used placed 2 of the cut aparts that are included in the paper packets and backed with with cardstock and then used another backside of the same shape to make it extra strong.  The long skinny one is great as a book mark for school.  On top of the pocket I used the chipboard Riveted which I inked with Ranger’s black Archival Ink Pad and then rubbed with copper wax.  The affect is magical.

On top of the pocket is a flip that has the starfish image which is very similar to CE Steampunk Starfish.

Moving to the other side of the flip is a space for another photo and a cut a part that is tucked into a CE chipboard Fishbone Set.  Only part of the chipboard is glued down to allow you to slide images or notes, photos, etc., behind it.  I treated it with black Archival Ink.

And finally on the last right hand hand inside page is a CE chipboard Rectangle Chain Frame which I painted with gold acrylic paint and then rubbed with brown acrylic paint.  I also used gears of various sizes which you can find through out the store such as Gears 1 1/2″ Set.  These I painted copper and then rubbed with a bright turquoise.


Can you tell I am having fun?????  Fantasy is always fun.  I don’t have any granddaughters, so no mermaids or fairies, but I do have grandsons, so fun steampunk fish and octopus it is.  Please check back again next week.  I am pretty sure there will be at least a couple more pages.  We should be moving at a quicker pace now that the album pages are in place.  Until then here’s a Big Alaska Bear Hug!!!

Kathy Mosher