Hello all, welcome back and with it being the month of July, we are half way to Christmas. So why not get ready and start making those homemade Christmas presents. I was hashing some ideas around with a good friend at work and Roberta suggested refrigerate magnets and chip clips.  I popped onto Amazon and ordered a set of each.  I knew I could come up with something fun and individualized. I am sure I will make more sets of these as we get closer to Christmas.

One of the set I made was with the lovers hearts set. I painted the background first and then did some heat embossing over the top. I added a simple sentiment to the top of each heart.


A few close-ups of this set.

hearts 2

I added a little texture on the base of the magnets with the Chevron stencil and some sand paste.

hearts 1

I really like the Embossing on this one, the swirls really pop out with the embossing.

hearts 5

Another set I made was using the Ceiling Medallions. I really enjoy the quietness and relaxation I get with painting. I simply picked some bright colours and sat with a fine paint brush and painted the details that are in each piece.


Here are a few close-ups of this set. I topped off each one with a little matching bling in the centre.

menedala 3

I finished both of these off with a layer of Satin Varnish to give it a shine on top surface.

menedala 1

menedala 5

The last set for now I decieded to do some rust and some steampunk. I love my gears. Rustic Magnets

It’s always fun to play with rust effect paste and gears. I added a few layers of gears to the magnets and topped each off with a few bits from the screws, bolts and nuts set.  I love the layers you can add with the different colour of the rust pastes. These ones might just end up in my stocking this December.

Rustic Magnets 1

Rustic Magnets 2


Thanks for stopping by. Never to late to get started on those Christmas projects.




Screws Bolts and Nuts

Lovers Heart Set 2

Ceiling Medallions

Chevron Stencil