Hello my lovelies!!!  I have to share that for the past few months I have been obsessed with making mini-albums.  I have never made them before, and they are so addicting, especially when you embellish them with Creative Embellishment chipboard.  So, I thought I would share a couple of pages from an album that my sister, Carol Imler and I are working on right now using Graphic 45, Ocean Blue.  What is really cool is that we are watching the You Tube Tutorials from Scrap and Create (shout out to Daphne for great job) and Judy for the great kits.  You can find them at Scrap and Create.   Carol and I are on the phone face timing as we are creating the albums.  New technology is amazing and such a blessing.  As I was saying this is a work in progress, I haven’t decided on the photos yet or the final placement, but here is a mock up of what it could look like with all the wonderful chipboard.  Here’s the cover.

Here is the inside of the cover using 3 pieces of chipboard the AnchorSmall Link Chain , and Nautical Badge Set with a little bit of coconut netting used from the cantalope bag from Costco.  I’ve left everything natural till I decide whether to use wax or paint or emboss.  I’d like to do a white and gold theme.

Here’s the first page of the book, which by the way we created with chipboard, cardstock, glue, and lots of tape.

Now it opens up on both sides to reveal in the center this page and one of my favorite Octopus!

On the left hinge is some fun CE Seaweed 3 The #3 means there are 3 different types of seaweed designs available.

Here’s the right side with another piece of the seaweed which has a pocket hidden behind it to tuck a special note or two.

On to page 2 – which has 3 different sized pockets stacked on top of each other with some G-45 special Ephemera cards tucked inside.  I backed all the cards with black cardstock to give them some body.  At the bottom of the page I added a Nautical Captain’s Wheel which comes in a set of 2.

Page 3 has lots of layers to it:

The middle page is the where most of the embellishments are located.

So that’s all I’m showing for today, I’ll have more next time we visit.  The album is finished, we’re just having fun adding all the goodies like I’m doing now.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will consider using some chipboard to decorate your albums.  They are lightweight, thin, so they don’t take up too much space and add a lot.  Till next time here’s a Big Alaskan Bear Hug!!!

Kathy Mosher