I wanted to do something nice for the staff that I work with. We have a tight group on our weekend and I trust when the going gets tough, this crew will pound through it and get the job done. I picked up a variety of goodies, goggles, A nice Head band from Junk Headbands. Some anti-fog lens cleaners, some sweets, and of course I made a tag for each one of them.

CE RN tags

Because I made 9 of these, and I wanted to get them done faster than I would have, I used simple spray to add the colour to each of them. I started out with a variety of tags from the Tag Sets in the store. I will never run out of tags!

I made a video of the creative process.

I love doing backgrounds, and Nicolle has some great new stencils in the store, these tags are very heavy stencilled. There was a lot of dry time on these. Along with a heat gun that went up in smoke. Thank goodness I had a spare, these would have taken forever to dry with out it. The nice thing is with home schooling along with working still. I had plenty of reasons to step aside and let the drying happen naturally.

CE RN Tags 3

I used various mediums with the stencils, I used everything from Crackle paste, to modelling paste and I finished some off with sand paste.

After the various background stencils, I used background pieces: mesh distress pieces, distress checkered, grunge heart corner to name a few. This adds to the background texture of the tags.

CE RN Tags 6

I moved right on to the focal points, I love assemblage. It is so relaxing to just start to build up the tags. I knew I wanted to use the Word Bulbs, I have been sitting on them for a while and thought these tags would be great to use them on.

Using various moulds and resin pieces for the focal points,  I fill in the gaps with medium gears and the metal pieces from my stash.

CE RN Tags 9

Once the big pieces are dried, I fill in all the smaller holes with beads and mini art stones. After a liberal coat of white paint. I picked out some bright colours in sprays and add a layer or two until I get the vibrancy I am looking for.

I topped them all off with some waxes.

CE RN Tags 12

I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these times. Thank you for stopping by.



Distressed Checkered Stencil

Chevron Stencil

Arrows Stencil

arrow stencil-800x800

Fence Lattice Stencil 

fence lattice stencil-800x800

Plaid Stencil

plaid stencil-800x800

Roman Numeral Stencil 

roman numeral stencil-800x800

Star Boken Stencil 

star bokeh-800x800-2

Starburst Stencil

starburst stencil-800x800

Word Bulbs

word bulb-800x800

Mesh Distress Pieces

mesh pieces-800x800-2

Distress Checkered Pieces

distressed checker pieces-800x800

Grunge Heart Corner

heart corner-800x800-2

Stamp Corner

stamp corner-800x800

Grunge Corner

gear grunge corner-800x800-2

Grunge Harlequin Piece

grunge harlequin piece-800x800-2

Oval Tags

oval tag set-800x800

Tag Set 1

tag set 1-800x800

Tag Set 2 

tag set 2-800x800

Tag Set 5

rectangle tag set-800x800

Tag Set 6

tag set 5-800x800

Medium Gears