Hello My Pretties!!  And a Happy Halloween to all My Ghouls and Little Witches….BWAHAHAHAHA!!!  Halloween is so close.  I love to be spooked and love the fun of Halloween.  I am very much a Christian lady, but enjoy the spirit of a Harvest Moon, and children running around in little costumes, and the drifting fog in the glow of night.  Scare me, scare me and BOO!  My first memories of being scared are….of course….the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz!!!  Those creepy monkeys flying around, I’m melting!!!!  Scared me to death.  Yep! and here she is in her full glory updated Kathy Mosher style a la steampunk, flowers, and spooky spiders.

The background paper is from the Authentique’s “Twilight” Halloween collection this year.  If you look close you can almost see the design looks like yellow bricks!!!  The Wicked Witch is riding on a grouping of steampunk clocks and gears that Creative Embellishments is famous for.  I painted all the chipboard pieces I used with an acrylic paint in copper.  I used lots of microbeads by Finnebar to complete the look.  The first chipboard piece is the Steampunk Clock Face 4# on the top of the photo.

Underneath the photo at the bottom is one of the  Steampunk Timepieces  which comes in a set of 3.

On both sides of the photo I added various smaller gears from the  1 1/2″ Gear Set which is a great value as you get 12 pieces of chipboard all different designs.

And here comes a little visitor along for a ride.  Not exactly Toto either.  I love/hate CE’s spiders.  This one is one of the great Spiders in the set!!!!!!  Ekkkkkkkkkkk!!

Here’s another closeup of the Wicked Witch on the path before the tornado hits. 

On the bottom portion of the layout I created a little montage of the Wicked Witch being squashed by the spider web instead of Dorothy’s house.  I used the legs and feet from the Witch Set and tucked them under one of the Spider Web Corner Set which is painted in black.

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the layout, because I am so afraid of spiders.  My favorite spider in the set of Spiders.  He or she is the creepiest!!!!!.




I hope that you all are able to enjoy your Halloween this year.  Stay safe and don’t eat too much candy.  Till next time……………….Kathy Mosher