Hello all, Welcome back. I would love to share a fun steampunk mini album I made recently. I love just playing with paint. Its relaxing to just sit there and let the time get away from you. It’s also forgiving. A slip here or not the right colour there, it’s transforming. I have been looking at the Steampunk Octopus for months. Trying to figure out a fun project to use it on. I was digging around and found the Oval Album and the light bulb just turned on. 


I made a video of the evaluation of the album.

Here are a few close-ups

Steampunk Album 3

I love the Steampunk Heart 2, I painted and blended. I added some rust effect with paint and water. I diluted the paint to age the project more and give it that grunge feel to the project.

Steampunk Album 7

Using another ATC coin, I paint and layer the last page. I top it all off with tiny metal watch parts on various parts of the chipboard and paper elements.

Steampunk Album 10

I used the Steampunk ATC as the center point for the cover. Doing some light painting and a brief title to the project.

Steampunk Album 2

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a Crafty Happy day



Oval Mini Album

oval mini-800x800

Steampunk Octopus

steampunk octopus frame-800x800

Steampunk ATC’s

steampunk coin-800x800

Steampunk Heart 2

steampunk heart 2-800x800

Nautical Artist Trading Coins

atcoins nautical-800x800

Circles Stamp

Distress Chicken Wire Stamp

Distress Crackles Stamp

Seaweed Stencil

Distress Patterns Stencil

Nautical Stencil