Hello all, I want to share a page I made of the kids up north. I needed to have a break from reality and my friend has a house on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We ventured out just in front of a huge snow storm. Had great driving the whole way up and ended up in a blizzard right on the edge of Lake Superior. What an adventure being stranded for a long weekend.  After digging ourselves out, we had a gorgeous day of thick snow and snowshoeing. We ended up going for a lantern lit snowshoe walk the local DNR puts together on the weekends. It was such great memories.

CE Up North

After picking out the perfect paper, I started with the distress circle stamp and white embossing powder. I melted the powder and moved on to the Greek Key Pattern Stencil and some crackle paint to help incorporate the background of the paper. The lights of the paper just peak through the texture.

CE close up up north

Moving on the the Washi Tape Clusters and Shapes,  I add a rust technique with the sand paste and a mixture of fluid acrylics. just a little blending here and there.

Ce Up north Close up 6

I wanted to add more of the feel of the winter snow storm and took some snowflakes and added some white ink right on top. Not even worrying if they all were covered, it added to the rustic view of things. After adding the clusters, flowers and some fussy cut elements from the paper pack, it was a matter of layering it all up.

Ce Up north close up 2

Overall I love the rustic feel, perfect for an old kerosine lantern walk. I hope you enjoy and look for a video to come on how this evolved, Thanks for stopping by.



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Distress Circle Stamp

Greek Key Pattern Stencil

Washi Tape Clusters Shape 2

Washi Tape Clusters