I would have to say one of my favourite photo’s of Olivia. We have a yearly tradition of going to get our tree, take the wagon ride out to cut the tree down. hall it back and hopefully if we are lucky enough we get to see Santa along the way.

Olivia Winter Page.jpg

I edit most of my photos. I will alter the colours or add boarder or even add some text to the photo. This page I added a little flair and the sentiment in the corner, it was then a matter of trying to find the right paper for the pic.

Once I found the right paper it was just starting to play, I did various stamping techniques on the background. I started with the distress snowflake stamp with simple ink, matching the ink to the paper.


After the stamping was done with embossing powder and the tire track 2 stamp and the distress chevron stamp, I decided to use one of my favourite stencils the distress grid stencil and 3-D Gel. After stencilling, I sprinkle with micro-beads over the paste to get lots of texture on the page.


A little more texture with a thick goopy paste through the new distress patterns stencil found in the store.


I then work on the chipboard. I add paint to the filigree trees, the doodle circle frame and the snowflakes and once dry I spray with the corresponding colours.  Then it is a matter of making the real magic happen with putting it all together.

I made a little video for you to watch of how this page evolved into this magical scene.

I have to enjoy these moments as there will be a day that the kids will grow up and they won’t want to do the fun little things that make me so happy. Fingers crossed there is a little part of them that will never grow up. I can only wish. But these moments bring so much joy to my heart.


I hope you all have a very magical holiday season this year.


Creative Embellishments

Wood Snowflakes

Circle Doodle Frames

Filigree Trees

Tire Track 2 Stamp

Distress Cheveron Stamp

Grunge Snowflake Stamp

Distress Grid Stencil

Distress Pattern Stencil