Hi fellow scrappers..

It’s Nanné here to share a tri-flip fold album I created of my Grand daughters first few months.. There are still a few things I would like to add to the inside of the pages, like little sayings for example..

Here is what I created:

The album measures about 8″ x  5.5″ when folded closed.

I glued down some diamond dust to the baby blocks, they are really shimmery in real life.. very difficult to photo 🙂 I also added some to the big pink roses to add shimmer as well..  I decided to add the corner pieces to the cover of the album, which I thought looked great, bringing your focus to the middle of the cover..

When you first open the album, this is what you see.. I added photos to the waterfall flip on the right side, but I added them to the top of the flips.. It just ended up looking better, where you were able to keep the printed papers visible.  Like I said before, I wanted to add some sayings here and there, so the page with her grandpa holding definitely needs some text..

Then, when you flip the middle page up and to the left and then the right page to the right,  this is what you see. I added lots of happy little baby photos to this album and I was able to date each set.. Just so we can follow her growth and how much she changes on a weekly basis.. I do have to fill in the birth card, her weight, height etc..

and finally once the three little tags are flipped over you see the very back of the album.. I added a flip photo mat to the top and then crib to the bottom, which is actually a gate chippy that I trimmed down to look like a crib..

close up of the very back page of the album.. I added some papers to the back of the crib to resemble bedding. Those little tags do pull out and I have plans for those, journaling and a few small photos..

and there you have my tri-flip fold album.. try saying that three times fast..LOL  If you would like to create your own album, there are lots of how to videos available on youtube, just do a search “Tri-flip fold album”..

Thank you for checking out my project for today’s daily reveal.. Till next time..


Here are the chippies I used to decorate my album:



Iron Fence set

Cutie word set

Butterfly flourish set

photo or page corner set

Baby set