As mom we all believe our kids are awesome!
And we should!  Each kid has their own special qualities that make them unique and extraordinary and we should celebrate our kids.I wanted to create a layout that shows what an exceptional young man I think Cody is.
He would hep anyone, and has.  Little things he does like, holding a door open for people, a young lady was struggling to hold he basket at a store, Cody did not know her but offered to hold her basket while she was in line, picking up things when others drop them rather than walking by, to the big things like a while ago an on line friend of his was contemplating suicide, Cody asked us for help so we got in touch with the right police (in a different country) and Cody stayed on the computer with him till helped arrived.  He is the type of kid that helps and doesn’t expect anything from it…he really is selfless.
 I embossed the flourish page corner, lace border 4 and Simple Hinges with black then added some crushed glitter glass and dry brushed some gold paint.
For the title selfless which came in a custom word set!!!  Yes Creative Embellishments does custom work too, I embossed in gold then  inked a bit of black
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