I want to share a canvas I made featuring lots of goodies from the store, but a picture that is part of me, part of my history. This is a picture of “The 80’s”, It was a chunk of land~ 80 acres out in the middle of the forest that we would go and camp every weekend growing up. When I had kids, we camped and explored and just enjoyed nature. But such is life and when people pass, the land changed hands, it was an end to an era.


But to the canvas it’s self. I started with a fair amount of time just trying to get the coloration of the background, I wanted it to flow. After I got the background colours the way I wanted, I started with some background stamping using both the Distress Plaid 2 and the Distress Crackle Stamp.


Here is a video of the creative process. There is some painting in the beginning but the process is relaxing.

As you saw in the video, I  only used the horizontal portion on the weave stencil, still working with the flow of the canvas


I am so famous for just cutting all my chipboard apart so why should I change with the Maze Panel, I do think it gives me more options for the simple layering on this project.

Then to find the right title title. something big enough considering this is a large enlongated canvas,  but also something with meaning. I treasure the 40 plus years we had at our little piece of heaven in the woods, I treasure all the memories and fun times we had. I treasure the pure beauty of nature and that that was all around me.


Thank you for sharing this project with me and stopping by.


Creative Embellishments

Plaid Distress Stamp #2

Distress Crackle Stamp

Treasure Words Boarder

Maze Panel

Weave Stencil