Hi! February is the month of birthdays for me and my family. Both my grandfather and my father are celebrating their birthdays this week, so I decided to make them both a masculine card. Of course I couldn’t resist using several beautiful cogs and clocks from Creative Embellishments on my cards. Let’s have a look at the cards I made with these beautiful chipboard pieces!

On my first card, I used two Steampunk Timepieces. I didn’t alter them and simply used them as they were. I also stapled several other embellishments on top of these gears, such as a metal clock and a resin bird.

My second card also has a vintage look to it. On this card, I used different gears, as well as a few other chipboard pieces.

I used a Washi Tape Cluster on the background of my card. I altered it with a touch of brown distress ink. After that, I attached one Steampunk Timepiece on top of the Washi Tape Cluster. I altered it with brown ink as well. I then further decorated my card with different Mini Gears 3/4 (set of 12) and a few other embellishments.

Thank you for having a look! I wish you a great week!

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