Happy New Year!  2018 already.  Seems crazy, doesn’t it?  Jennifer Snyder here to the start new year with some creative flair… Creative Embellishments style.  I’m proud and thrilled to join this fabulous chipboard team this year.

I’ve taken this opportunity to create a 3D winter wonderland scene and used the chipboard pieces to transform my home decor house into frosty piece.

To help create a frosty look, I simply painted all my chipboard with white paint.  I really didn’t use any other techniques on the chipboard.  They are so lovely just painted white and it was a perfect treatment for this project.
As you can probably tell, my brickwork accents are Creative Embellishments -Brick Pieces.   Don’t they look great here?  I am in love with the effect.   The surface of the bricks have been whitewashed  (white paint thinned with a bit of water) and the”grout ” untouched relying on the rich brown color of the natural chipboard to provide visual depth.

I’ve also taken various snowflakes from  Creative Embellishments  – Large Snowflake Set and placed them around this house. The top of the house has some decorative chipboard giving the house a magical wintery feel.  This is Creative Embellishments -Snowflake Page Corner Set.  I also accented the back of the house with the Snowflake Page Corner Set.

Transitioning to the back of the house,  I created a frosty winter garden using Creative Embellishments –  (Garden)Trellis 1 all gussied up with pinecones and miscellaneous winter floral picks.  In order to make this piece a bit more durable, I suggest securing the pinecones and florals to the trellis with some thin wire.
 Next, my house has a cat sitting on a fence to add some charm ( BorderCreative Embellishments – Cats on a Fence Border ).  I cut the original Cats on a Fence  in half and glued the pieces together to strengthen them for extra durability.
The following images show the details of the sides of the house.  See how sweet that Cats on a Fence  is with my house? 
 May your new year be filled with health, joy and an abundance of creativity. 

Creative Embellishments  – Large Snowflake Set

Creative Embellishments -Snowflake Page Corner Set

Creative Embellishments – Cats on a Fence Border

Creative Embellishments -Brick Pieces

Creative Embellishments –  (Garden)Trellis 1