Do you ever have those uh oh moments when someone at work gives you a gift and you have nothing for them in return?  Or you want to give some a token gift but don’t have the budget to go all out?  This is a great little gift that could be customized with different papers and embellishments throughout the year to fit any occasion.

I took a king-sized Hershey candy bar and wrapped it in some Tim Holtz papers.   I used a paper punch on the ends so that the silver from the candy bar wrapper would show through.  I added some stickers from an old Christmas paper pack to add the sentiment and image.

I chose snowflakes to embellish my bar as inspired by the main paper I used.   I wanted a different color so that it would stand out against the paper.  I sprayed the clock hand snowflake in Krylon glitter blast spray paints.  Giving each piece two coats.  I love this stuff.  You keep the detail of the pieces and the shine of glitter without having to deal with the mess of glue and loose glitter.  I finished off with a little blue flower from my stash.  I adhered this  to the candy bar with a little foam tape so that I could tuck a little gift card underneath.