Hi everybody!!

Today, is a little bit particular day for me, indeed I present you my last realization for Creative Embellishment….

I would have wanted to continue this adventure with Nicolle and the other members of the team, I would also have liked presenting you a more complex and more elaborate creation, but unfortunately my health doesn’t allow it me…. I’m sorry!!! I wanted to prepare creations early, and to end the season with you, but the fatigue was felt, thus I have of to rest!!!!!! Don’t worry, everything goes well, but as some know it, my baby will be born next month, thus I don’t too much manage any more to remain sat to my desk for a very long time….

Thus I present you this small creation, which isn’t in my habits!!!!

I shall do better, when I would return in the team!!!! 😉

For this creation, I used Social Hash Tags:

And that beautiful stamps:


Nicolle, really THANK YOU for your trust and your understanding for my pregnancy!!


I will be back!!!!!