Hello friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest creation.

I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this altered bottle turned out.

This is for sure one of my FAVORITE crafty projects yet to create.

So I turned this

(empty juice plastic bottle, my fav. used dryer sheets, and a tone of white school glue)


and I turned it into this


It was so much fun making this lantern and I dug into my chippie stash

and used a tone of chippies from the shop.

My first step was to wash and remove all labels from the plastic bottle

Next I cut the top portion on the bottle with a craft knife.

But don’t toss any of it away as I used the entire bottle for this project.

The top portion which I cut I used it upside down inside the bottle to nest a 2nd tea light.

13331103_1080616538651375_70633811025800884_n  13330977_1080616758651353_3025454672185990774_n

Now lets get ready to get dirty..

I practically used an entire big bottle of glue for this project.

Like always I used my trusty used dryer sheets to give me the texture.

The drier sheets are great for this project because they are thin enough to let the light

glow through them and like I said the texture they give is AWESOME!

So I used my glue and brush to adhere the used drier sheets to the bottle.

Since this is a plastic bottle I had to let the glue air dry for 2 days.

The waiting kills me every time!!!

While I waited for the glue to dry, I got started on the chippies

With black acrylic paint I painted all the chippies on both sides all in black

13412859_1080616461984716_5102076504435640693_n     13346988_1080617031984659_5357328721497539975_n

You can see my bottle on the top left hand side sitting there drying!!!

You can also see the original state of the pillar I will be using to stand my lantern on

They are all white and ready to play..

So now more dry time!!

Once everything is dry its time to assemble.

Here you can see how I glued my 2 Victorian type couples glued to the edge along the inside of the bottle

You can also see how I used the bottle’s cap as a nest for my tea light

Every thing got glued to the inside of the bottle. Except the tea light (so I can change the battery and turn on and off)

13343027_1080616928651336_2952086919986939290_n     13417611_1080616381984724_8170719642725682654_n

Once every thing was glued to the inside I started to assemble the lid with gears and winding mechanisms


as the glue dries I started to color spray the top and bottom edges of the bottle

with shades of rust, turquoise, yellow, gold, and white.


You can see all the great texture I got just with used up drier sheets.

them I used mica powders in the same shades all over the bottle and lid.

I aseembled my focal point and adhered it to the bottle with E-6000


With black paint and the same color sprays and mica powders I painted the pillar which my bottle sits on


When I was all done this is what I came up with.

13344752_1080617048651324_6507668124572333228_n 13413005_1080616865318009_8500973916597169758_n 13407008_1080616735318022_6209607959487143958_n

13346432_1080616501984712_1957218688827152954_n 13339502_1080616791984683_1186940263339741755_n 13327568_1080616561984706_4972713160584081272_n

and this is what it looks like in the dark

13417570_1080616835318012_352423617142421714_n 13346737_1080616421984720_3927724945864977519_n 13346733_1080616695318026_5898471387455419637_n 13339686_1080615985318097_4142523806931701659_n 13322094_1080615945318101_5849797836536420597_n 13319951_1080615915318104_7541796911676217891_n 13418748_1080616971984665_8024411473011267424_n

You can see the ball that’s going on in there.

Well thanks for checking this crafty project out.

Till next time

“Happy Crafting”

Here is a list of the goodies I used from the shop

Gear 1 1/2″ (set of 12) –  https://creativeembellishments.com/gear-1-1-2-set-of-12.html

Gears 1″ (set of 12) – https://creativeembellishments.com/gears-1-set-of-12.html?search=gears

Steampunk Heart with Wings – https://creativeembellishments.com/steam-punk-heart-with-wings.html?search=steampunk&page=3

Fancy oblong frame set – https://creativeembellishments.com/chipboard/frames/fancy-oblong-frame-set.html

Keys – https://creativeembellishments.com/keys.html?search=keys

Door knobs – https://creativeembellishments.com/chipboard/door-knobs.html?limit=75

Victorian wind up 1 – https://creativeembellishments.com/chipboard/victorian-wind-up-1.html?limit=75

Victorian wind up 3 – https://creativeembellishments.com/chipboard/victorian-wind-up-3.html?limit=75

Wind me up – https://creativeembellishments.com/chipboard/wind-me-up.html?limit=75