Hello friends, I’m back again with another

mixed media art doll. I call her “Mother”

The inspiration for this pcs. came from the Dandelion chippies I got from the shop.

I have to admit that when I first started her, the look and feel of this pcs was a bit different than what she turned out to be. The more I worked on her the more I saw her transform in-front of my eyes. Totally different than that I first had in mind.

I first started out with a 24*18 inch of watercolor paper, a basic sketch of her face.

With mixed media art like this where I know I will be using a lot of wet mediums I like the first start out with one nice layer of Finnabairs clear gesso. I applied it all over the paper except on the girls face. Once you apply clear gesso to a sketch it makes your pencil marks permanent you can’t erase so I only applied it to the background area.

My next step was to use the cobblestone panel as a stencil and with my Lindy’s color sprays I randomly sprayed the background with shades of blue, yellow, green, and red. I let it air dry for a few hours. once dry I added another layer of clear gesso.


Next I adhered the dandelions and word Everlasting to the bottom of my page with Finnabairs Gel Medium

and then started to paint leaves with Tim Holtz distress paints in different shades of green

to make it look a little more abstract / nature like.

13177813_1061851527194543_1734917600828053282_n        13179080_1061851773861185_2296304768209759916_n

As the background dries I start to work on my art doll.

I used my Prima crayons to color her face.

Once my first layer of color is added to the face and I am sure that I will not make any changes to her eyes, lips, etc.

then I add a layer of clear gesso on the entire surface. Make sure that you only

use one stroke of gesso and not several as it will move you colors around.

I let it all dry over night.  As you can see on the back ground the stenciling on the background got a bit smudged but that’s okay with me, it gives it more visual texture.

It is now time to give everything a bit more definition so with my acrylic paints I

go over the leaves and certain areas of the background to make them stand out a bit more,

I do the same with her face. With white acrylic paint I make a few dots and stamp some swirls to make it look like

the breath coming out of her mouth blowing the dandelions and creating live.


Last minute I decided to give her a veil and on her veil she holds

symbols of Love, Hope, Man kind, strength, Earth, Water, and the Sun

13179398_1061851287194567_7384269990502488209_n    13124491_1061851410527888_6091928146868084933_n

The veil and symbols where painted with acrylic paints and I wanted to make the veil look translucent so I added a bit of glitter

With Tim Holtz white and black markers I outlined her face, veil, symbols and a few background areas

Once she was dry my last step was to add a layer of medium gel to seal in all the paints, sprays, etc. The medium gel will also help to brighten up your art work.

I had a lot of fun creating “Mother” You just never know what you can crate if you start with an open mind and heart.


Thanks for stopping by,

till next time

“Happy Crafting”

Items I used from the shop:

DANDELIONS – https://creativeembellishments.com/dandelions.html

EVERLASTING LOVE – https://creativeembellishments.com/everlasting-love.html

COBBLESTONE PANEL – https://creativeembellishments.com/chipboard/6-x-6-lattice-panels/cobblestone-panel.html