Hello friends, what can I say I love art.

The inspiration for this art pcs came from the AWESOME Cherry Blossom and Lanterns chippies I got from the shop

The moment I saw them I knew I had to create an art pcs like this.

I simply love this style of art and I am so happy with how it all turned out.


I have always loved the look and feel of cherry blossom trees. I love the brightness of the pink blossoms and how they light up the areas around them with the blossoms.

I love Asian art and when I saw these chippies I saw the opportunity to create a Gaysia girl dancing in a sea of cherry blossoms lit with lanterns.

I started with a 24 * 18 inch watercolor paper

First step like always is a sketch, and clear gesso on the background. For this art pcs I only used Tim Holtz acrylic distress paints & a few distress markers.

I first started coloring the Gaysia girl with acrylic paints I used charcoal, lt. pink, green, and black for her dress,

red and gold paint for her fans,

white and lt. pink for her skin,

gold and lt. pink for her head dress.

I also used a black sharpie marker for her hair, her face and to outline her.

13151558_1063552663691096_956787593353611909_n      13179449_1063552723691090_5079873435091801686_n

Next with a big dry brush I started to pounce randomly on the top of the page with

shades of yellow, orange, pink and white to create the sky

and blue yellow, and white for the mid center part of the page to make it look like the sun is going down.

I allowed my page to dry over night.

Once dry I repeated the same process with different shades of lt. pink, fuchsia, and red paint to create the cherry blossom trees on the right and left side of my page and the same colors on the bottom to create the fallen cherry blossoms.

Dont forget to allow the paint to dry in between color layers.


13177219_1063552770357752_5675106781942881999_n     13166118_1063552907024405_3921344990646056891_n

For the cherry blossom chippies I used brown paint for the stems, lite pink for the cherry blossoms (allow your paint to dry)

and with a red marker I randomly shaded in the edges and center of the cherry blossom.

I let them dry and with medium gel I adhered the cherry blossoms to my page,

I cut the chippies apart in different sizes  to make it look a bit more random

Once my cherry blossom trees are adhered I used brown acrylic paint to paint the tree stumps to make it look like she is dancing in a sea of cherry blossom trees and cherry blossoms.


For the lanterns I used red acrylic paint, white and yellow for the center to make it look like the lanterns are lit up

I also used glitter to give it a more realistic look. Gold acrylic paint for the top and bottom rims and tassels of the lanterns

(I also cut the lantern chippies apart)


Once my lanterns where dry I also used gel medium to adhere them into my page.

After everything is dry I used the same dry brush/pounce technique to blend everything in together

I also gave it one last layer of gel medium as a protective sealant  (this way nothing falls off)

13179033_1063553060357723_4567688854825775983_n         13094239_1061316923914670_5701814425451213845_n

I hope I have been able to inspire you to create your very own Gaysia themes art pcs.

Here’s a list of chippies I used from the shop

CHERRY BLOSSOM BRANCH – https://creativeembellishments.com/cherry-blossom-branch.html

CHINESE LANTERN SET 2 – https://creativeembellishments.com/chinese-lantern-set-2.html

Thanks for stopping by, till next time

“Happy Crafting”