Hello my crafty friends, I am back again with another one of my mixed media art dolls.

I am calling this Pcs. “Dream”. As I keep practicing and working with acrylics, markers, pastel crayons, and color pencils I am discovering a world of endless possibilities and the fact that adding chippies makes it even more fun to create new and different worlds with no boundaries.

I this post i will share with you all a few of the steps I took to create “DREAM”

As always the first step always starts out with a sketch


Step two : I start adding layers of color using my markers. These are your first layers of color don’t worry to much if it doesn’t look perfect, remember you will be adding many more layers of color as you work along.  I am establishing where my shadows will be which will always be my darker color (red) , then comes the color to blend in the shadows and skin tone (mid tone) I selected a shade of yellow, and my third color is a pinkish tone for the cheeks and lips.


My next step is to add a skin tone color in acrylic paints to cover the areas I did not color with marker. Once I have done this I then start to add the same skin tone color to the entire face, neck and shoulders.  My acrylic paint was a bit to thick so I used a bit of water to help me move the paint around. This also helps make the acrylic color look more like a wash and is light enough to cover the entire face but still be able to see the layers bellow.  This helps me with set the base for my next color medium.


I always like mixing my mediums and here I am showing you just how much. My next step is to use my Prima water soluble crayons to keep building up the skin tones. I like using these crayons because they are creamy and I can smear them with my fingers and also use them as water colors.


Here you can see how the colors are mixing in with each other to create the skin tones. On top of this layer I added clear gesso to help the water color paper take in all the wet mediums I am adding to this doll.  This type of art is a process of layer after layer of color.  You have to be patient and persistent and not give up because it doesn’t look pretty right away.


Next I work on the eyes, hair, and color in the flowers using my Prima crayons and TH re-inkers

12800395_1025504774162552_7745096951896697953_n   12800333_1025504794162550_1921413378403615055_n

here I used crackle medium on the flowers to give them texture


This is a close up of how her eye and skin are coming along. this has taken me several layers of acrylic paint, crayons, and gesso. I make sure I let my gesso layers dry completely before adding my next layer of color.

944969_1025504620829234_6856509928836862290_n  12376766_1025504644162565_3387374869131219064_n

Now that I am almost done with her face I start to work on the background.

I adhere my chippies first, then start to randomly add acrylic paint with a used up credit card, some stamping, and lastly some dots here and there.

10885385_1025504554162574_7431060065327077224_n 12512277_1025504674162562_7096912485442814556_n 1914057_1028962953816734_3795994823930962824_n

As I let my background dry I finish up my doll by adding a few dots to give her a headband and a few more color on her eyes


Many many many layers of color later and we are done!!

I hope I have inspired you to create a beautiful art doll, there are so many yummy chippies at the shop

creating a Magical place is easy and fun.

Thanks for stopping by,

till next time



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