Hello my beautiful friends.

So as Spring comes along so does the ever dreaded “Spring Cleaning” or so I thought.

I have been crafting for over 18 years now and in all this time I have managed to “Treasure” a lot of fun crafty alterable items

so my stash is quite extended.  in my attempt to clean it all out I came across this old broken mirror, and once I saw it,

yes I forgot about cleaning and started working on it.  And what better way than to alter it into something pretty.

Since I am still running high on Under the water  inspiration I created this.


This is “Octo” his job is to keep everything in smooth order under the sea.

These fun chipboard cut outs (chippies) are so much fun and so easy to work with and build fantasy worlds with.

They take well to acrylic paints, color sprays, and just about everything but the kitchen sink. 🙂

12800408_1019621728084190_6453548500869262917_n    12799434_1019621684750861_4079061336527685496_n    12799212_1019621998084163_858162803186017024_n

For this altered mirror I used heavy chipboard for the backing and added 2 top layers in different sizes to give it a more dimensional look. In-between each layer of chipboard I used lots of cardboard strips to give each layer its own depth. But before adhering the chipboard layers together I first added a few random layers of acrylic paint to each heavy chipboard pcs. in shades of turquoise, green, white, gold, rust, and dark brown.  Once dry I started to assemble my background chipboard pcs. Each layer smaller than the bottom one.

943994_1019622071417489_3341079805414921055_n    12386_1019621778084185_3639654294373097245_n


Once my background layers are assembled it is now time to also color all of  my chippies with acrylic paints.  I then start to place each chippie and adhere it with medium gel.  My last step is to add some color sprays in coordinating colors to blend it all together and add a few micro beads.



Hope I have inspired you to create your own fantasy worlds.

Till next time

“Happy crafting”

Here is a list of the Chippies I used from the shop to create this mixed media altered mirror

Steampunk Octopus – https://creativeembellishments.com/c…/steampunk-octopus.html

Seaweed 2 – https://creativeembellishments.com/chipboard/seaweed-2.html

Steampunk Heart 3 – https://creativeembellishments.com/c…/steampunk-heart-3.html

Circles – https://creativeembellishments.com/…/6-x-6-lat…/circles.html

black frame
Mini Frames – https://creativeembellishments.com/chipboa…/mini-frames.html

Mini Ornate Title Word Frames – https://creativeembellishments.com/…/mini-ornate-title-word…

Gear 1 1/2″ (Set of 12) –  https://creativeembellishments.com/gear-1-1-2-set-of-12.html

Gear Set 2 Large – https://creativeembellishments.com/gear-set-2-large.html