Happy Hump day friends! Nicolle here again with some more steampunk ornaments. I think I am close to being done with filling my tree up. I like a nice filled tree with ornaments. I have to make 5 or 6 more tonight and hope to be completely finished. Crossing fingers. 😉



I didn’t add much to this hot air balloon ornament. I sprayed the purple bauble with silver glitter blast made by krylon. I then cut lace apart and attached 4 pieces around the bauble. I cut a small straw hat at the brim to make the basket. I didn’t have any on hand the size I needed. I then decorated with CE gears ,ball and chain, regular chain and baubles.




For this hot air balloon. I cut 8 pieces of hot air balloon I stenciled. I altered out new steampunk wings (not added to the store yet) with tim holtz tarnished brass distress paint and black soot stain. The gears were altered with brushed pewter stain. The airship was altered with white picket fence distress paint and tarnished brass stain. The hot air balloon chipboard piece was altered with a fine point pen and white picket fence paint. Lastly I added gold stickles all over the ornament.




Our new steampunk dress form and wings will also be added very soon. For the base coat I applied black soot distress paint. I lightly applied tarnished brass distress paint over it not to completely cover though. The wings were altered with white picket fence paint, tarnished brass paint. The gears were altered with black soot and tarnished brass paint. Again to finish the project I added gold stickles all over.




For the dress form above applied black soot paint for the base coat as well as for the gears. I then applied silver acrylic paint in spots but not to completely cover.I added a few metal embellishments to the project and then added silver stickles all over.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog.


Steampunk Dress Form 2 Airship Gear Set 2 Large


Gears 1" (Set of 12)Gear Set 2 Small