Happy Humpy day friends! Nicolle here again today.  We cleaned our garage while it was warm out this weekend.  After my dad passed we inherited a lot of his tools. My hubby finally decided to go through them. We sure found a ton of metal files, clamps of all sizes, wrenches, sockets and saw blades. We also inherited some power tools. My hubby did decide to part with some stuff. He had a bit of an easier time with it then I. I don’t understand why I feel an emotional connection/ attachment to material things. I guess because they were his.  I miss him so. It was quite a productive but depressing weekend as well. I did take some things back out of the garbage that I felt I could at least repurpose.  As you can imagine he also had quite a few tool boxes. I saved a couple tool box inserts and 1 large tool box for a future repurpose.

Today I am sharing one of the tool box inserts I repurposed.  My mists need a bigger home. Last minute idea that seems to have worked perfectly. This is what the insert looked like before I started.


I cleaned and removed as much rust as I could.

Here’s a picture after it was primed and spray painted silver tone. Wow they sell some super quick drying spray paints nowadays..lol.


I then sprayed some black krylon webbing.


I altered this side with many different sized chipboard gears, steampunk heart and wings from one of our steampunk dressforms. I added some nuts and bolts that we inherited (trust me we have tons) and layered some Tim Holtz metal embellies. I simply altered the gears with maya gold in grey color as well as the steampunk heart.I then sprayed some silver webbing by krylon.   I also applied pewter distress stain on some gears as well for contrast when layering them.


Steampunk Heart  Steampunk Dress Form 1  Gears 1" (Set of 12)

The other side I altered a bit different. My first instinct was to alter the same exact way but decided to just go ahead and so what came to mind. I don’t like “rules” so i tend to stray a bit from them. 😉  I altered the steampunk table clock like the steampunk heart and layered with some gears that I altered with tranished brass distress stain and copper pearl ex. The bottom four corners of the insert I attached Tim Holtz metal corner embellishments. I attached a spark plug to the center of a metal butterfly. My hubby “the artist” said it didn’t make sense. LOL I laughed and asked why not? One uses tools to fix cars and change spark plugs? None of this alter makes sense but it does to me and that’s what counts. 😛 MEN!


Mini Gears 3/4" (set of 12) Gear  1 1/2" (Set of 12) Mantle Steampunk Gear Timepiece

The for one of the long sides. I altered our pipe works with copper pearl ex. I added a bunch of gears in all 3 sizes, some nuts and bolts, Tim Holtz rub ons and little wrenches from my dads stash.


Pipe Works

Here’s a picture of the other side.


Below are a few close ups of the sides…

I just love those little wrenches but as you can see one dried a little high in the one spot…it slipped and I didnt catch it to put it back in place..:(


Here’s the other wrench which I mistakenly used gorilla glue on . I forgot that stuff expands and gets foamy. urgh. Live and Learn.


Some more close-ups.



My childhood address was 78 and where my dad lived for over 30 years.




Oh and finally ….TAAAA DAAAAA

I have a new home for my mists!!  hee hee



Thanks for sticking around and going through all the pictures.

Have a creative hump day. 🙂