Hello Scrappy Folks! Hope everyone Monday is off to a great start!

I thought I would play with the color pink, I haven’t played with any steampunk lately.. So I am digging through my stash and see some really cool 13arts paper.. Pink and blue.. Hummm I need to make a TAG!!

So off I go to dig through my stash of Creative Embellishments and see what suits my fancy on the steampunk side.. I spot it right off!! The Butterfly!! So I get some gears, paper and the wheels start working.. Ripping paper, Stamping with the cool CE Distressed grid.. Gesso and mists are flying in a scurry.. Oh and grabbing some Jacquard Luminaires in Pink Halo and Pearl white.. Something still wasn’t just right… I needed depth. I did use the Tattered angels Party Pink.. Oh where was the depth I was needing?? So I dig through my stash where is it?? I found it!! Some Shimmerz paint in Burgundy! Oh what ya know I also have some in Pink tooo!! Weeeeeeeeee Open the jar ever so quickly, with excitement of a child at Christmas time!! Just to discover it was dry! Boo hoo.. But wait!!!!!!! I can add some water and revive the yummy mixture I needed! So grabbing my spray bottle away I mixed. All was good! So away I worked, brush and Shimmerz at hand. Adding the depth I needed.. Still I needed more.. Grabbing some Prima Mechanicals from my stash every so carefully adding them here and some there.. Gesso and Luminaire again.. Humm It needed to sparkle more! So I grabbed my pink fairy dust (Stampendous Crystalescent glitter) that I keep to the side. Ya know to bring out the Pink sparkles when a girl needs them.. Sprinkle a dash here and there. Oh and shiney now! YUMMY!! Bring out the gems, lace and some seam binding for that last little finishing touches.. Here is what I got!


Bottle cap courtesy of Walmart a drive down the jewelry isle craft dept 😉 A couple of Flying Unicorn adornments too! 🙂 Can’t forget the Petaloo Flowers too!


Here is the products I used from CE Just click on them and they will take ya to the store!




Thank ya for joining me today! Hope your Monday is a Scrappy one!!