Happy Friday folks!! Nicolle here sharing my December Daily pages (days 2 and 3). I am keeping up pretty good with the pictures but a bit behind getting the pages done. Hoping to catch up a bit this weekend. Well maybe we haven’t even started decorating and past traditions I was decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Well I guess traditions change a bit when you are running a business.

Onto my pages. Day 2 we sat down and watched the mid season finale of the walking dead as a family. I love when we are all here together. It’s a rarity lately. My kids are all grown except for my Jo Jo. My older 3 have jobs and aren’t home as much. Day 3 I caught a picture of my Jolie. The past 3 months have been very testy since starting middle school. Drama, Drama, Drama. Let me just say when it comes to my kids my protective mode kicks in. Thankfully all 3 issues with Jolie at school all were proven not to be her fault. I just can’t believe what ¬†happens so early now. Girls can be soooooo mean. Don’t get me wrong I know my children are not perfect but when I know they haven’t done something I go above and beyond to prove it. Unfortunately everyone’s so quick to point fingers and blame others. What people forget there are 3 pointing back at them. Ok enough of the bummer stuff. Jolie really is a sweet kiddo and wears her heart on her sleeve.




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Have a memorable weekend!!