It’s Ball season!
I am a huge softball fan. I’ve played pretty much all my life and love all versions.
Basically, for me, a day spent at the ball field is a good day.
It’s one of my favorite happy places.


So you have to know I pick up all the baseball & softball stuff I can get.
When I saw this awesome baseball frame come into the store it was immediately on my list.
And I LOVE it!

I trimmed my photo just a bit to fit the frame and then added a black mat to help it really pop.
Next up?
Every baseball layout can benefit from some wood veneer stars.

The finishing touch is these awesome wood veneer baseballs from the Baseball Wood Set. I used a bit of white ink on them to get a dirty baseball look.

I hope you’re able to get to your happy place this week and enjoy some me time.
Thanks for popping by.
Angela dt