Hello there my CE fan! I hope you have a creative weekend planned. To get your creative juices flowing, let’s organize in style! CE chippies make any creative adventure all that much easier. I am always inspired to use the designs. Today’s make for instance is just that. I saw the mechanical gear head and was SO inspired! I want to pass that inspiration on to you right now.

Product List

Mechanical Woman Head

Gear Flourish Corner


Let’s dress up our storage!


1. Choose your desired paint colors, I am using pink with silver and purple with gold

2. You will first want to assemble the storage using some heavy-duty adhesive

3. Paint your shelving spaces

*Hint: I applied two and three layers to get good coverage

4. Alter your chipboard and casting pieces using white gesso and embossing powders

5. Begin your assembly by first applying your chipboard flourish

*Hint: I cut mine strategically to fit the sides of this specific shelving set

6. Then you can apply your Mechanical Gear Head

7. Distress the edges of the shelving space using a lighter acrylic paint color

*Hint: I think this gives it more character

8. As a finishing touch, add some wax along the edges


*Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy**

*Have a creative weekend*