Hello, there my CE friend! It’s lovely to see you here with us on the blog. I sure hope we’ve done our job keeping you inspired all month long! It brings us joy, truly. Thank you for taking the time to pop by for a looky loo. Today I’m going to inspire you to create out of the box. At least, I feel it’s out of the ordinary from what you would typically see. I use a lot of different techniques and product inspiration to bring you your daily dose of inspiration. I hope you will enjoy it! Have a GREAT day!

Product List

Large Teapot – Home Decor

Distressed Heart Balloons Outlined

Intricate Heart Border

Heart Pieces Set – Games and Toys


**Let’s get our gears a goin’ shall we?!**


1. Choose your desired papers, I am using my own papers I designed

*Hint: Cherry Blossom Wonderland available in my online store

2. Next paint your teapot surface

*Hint: I used a paint dauber and applied the paint in a circular motion to give the pot more interest and texture

3. Next, fussy cut your chosen images. I used my Cherry Blossom queen, keys, and cards

4. Water down some white paint and splatter the surface

5. Alter your border and heart chipboard pieces using acrylic paints

6. Start assembling your composition beginning with your frame casting

7. Add your flowers then apply your chipboard BG hearts followed by the flying card cut-outs

8. Once those are applied, add your fussy-cut queen, butterfly then the key

9. As a nice touch, add some white matte adhesive dots along the frame of the teapot

*Hint: I think these adhesive dots are cool and add a bit more quirkiness to the overall project

10. As a finishing touch, distress the edges with gold wax

*Hint: I think this technique really finishes the piece providing it a nice frame

11. Finally, add a card heart piece to the top of the flowers randomly

*Hint: I painted these with white gesso and added my own sparkle mix on top adding some extra glitz


*Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy*



*I hope you enjoyed your time with me today*