I may have mentioned that Halloween is my favorite holiday?
It is also my favorite holiday to scrap and the more spooky and creepy the better!



I was at a scrap retreat with a friend when I created this layout.
I did a lot of distressing so you can imagine the look on my friend’s face when I started squishing and crumbling this paper. I tried to be quiet, I really did.
But this kind of distressing can make a bit of noise. lol
After flattening my paper back out I used a black ink pad to rub across the background and then added my favorite detail; red ink. I’ll be honest, when I went to wash my hands, the sink did look a bit like there had been a murder. No worries, I cleaned it up before anyone caught¬† m.., I mean saw it.



I love these cats from the Cat Set 2, perfect for your scary pages!
I used a black in pad to rub across it for the hairy look and added a bit of red to the eyes.
Then I added some of these awesome wood veneer eyeballs from the Halloween Eyeballs set. I used a red marker to run along the veins of each eye and then rubbed a white ink pad into each. Next time I’ll do the white ink first as it got a bit of red on my pad doing it this way.



I used the Spooky Title for my layout, adding red marker for the center of the eyes and then yellow gel crayon around it. On the letters I used red and black gel crayon and rub it into the chipboard.
My creepy pumpkin is from the Jack o lantern 2 set. I used orange and green gel crayon on him and then added a bit of red ink around the eyes.
No creepy layout is complete without a big ugly spider, this one is from the Spiders set and I used a brown ink pad on him with a bit more ink from a marker to pronounce his pincers more.
The last touch on this layout was these awesome black acrylic skull and bones. I really love these, so fun and easy to use!


I hope you’re all having a creepy, fun Halloween and I can’t wait to see your spooky layouts!
Angela W dt