Hello, my crafty friend! I’m back again with more color and Creative Embellishments! I just can’t shake this color kick I’ve been on lately. I’m always trying to find new ways of using the many different designs available in the shop. This time I altered a paintbrush, as a gift, inspired by a dear friend of mine. Our aesthetics together created the piece to see before your eyes. I just love how it turned out! Making it even more fun and fabulous are the flower coins to which I turned into a shaker!

1. You’ll want to begin by laying down a nice layer of white gesso over the entire brush
2. While that dries, alter your chipboard pieces using impasto paints
3. After the gesso is completely dry, wrap it with masking tape
*Hint: We are creating a striped background
4. Next, you will use black gesso to paint the brush
5. Splatter white paint over the entire surface
*Hint: This gives the piece some extra contrast
5. Assemble your shaker
6. Using some gold wax add it to the surfaces of the castings
7. Assemble your brush beginning with the corset casting, then the shaker
8. Adhere your flowers and skulls
9. For finishing touches, add some pretty stones and some ribbon
*Hint: This gives the piece some extra contrast and a finished look

**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!!**

**Have a beautiful day my crafty friends**