Hello! Happy Fourth of July everyone! I wanted to celebrate in a different way this month. I wanted to celebrate my favorite colors while using some beautifully intricate chippy designs! When I’m doing YouTube lives on the weekends, my boys don’t wake up until the afternoon. They don’t know that I’m in the middle of a YouTube live when they come in to say hello. So, I thought of altering this door hanger and putting it on the outside of my door anytime I’m doing a live video. I REALLY love it. And, maybe, just maybe you will be inspired to do something like it.

Product List

Large Door Hanger

Inspire Word Set

Intricate Doily

1. Begin by priming your door hanger using black gesso
2. With the gesso prime your castings too
3. Then alter your chippys using acrylic paints
4. Alter your castings using different waxes
5. Begin assembling by laying down the doily and cutting it along the edges
6. Use some foam tape to prop up your window image and adhere it
7. Begin layering the flowers and paper cut-outs
8. Lay down your castings and create word chippy
9. Distress the edges of the door hanger using gold wax *Hint: This gives it a frame and, in my opinion, provides an overall finished and complete look
10. For some flair, add some sequin shaker pieces
11. As a finishing touch, adhere a border along the edge of the door hanger

**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy**