Hello There! Welcome back my fellow CE fan! I’m so glad to see you again today. Let us be on our way! Do you like shakers?! I’m a bit of a shaker fanatic myself. As you can see today’s focal point is a shaker!! It’s not only decor, it’s the interactive kind of decor! I’ve been in a bright and funky mood if you can’t tell. I’m totally feeling all the psychedelic color combinations. I hope you are inspired to create with us this month too.

**Let’s mix things up, shall we?!**

1. You’ll want to begin by laying down a nice layer of black gesso over the entire canvas
2. While that dries, alter your chipboard pieces using impasto paints
3. After the gesso is completely dry, use some paste and a stencil for some background texture
4. Splatter white paint over the entire surface
*Hint: This gives the piece some extra contrast
5. Assemble your light bulb shaker
6. Using some silver wax add it to the raised surfaces of the castings
7. Assemble your layout beginning with the lightbulb, then the castings
8. Adhere your smaller light bulb to the top of the shaker
9. Distress the edges with the same blue paint used for the smaller light bulb
*Hint: This gives the piece some extra contrast and a finished look

**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!!**